Grant Segall Consultant

Grant Segall

If you have stumbled upon this web page, I urge you to continue reading…

Our principal work is to uncover hidden assets, overlooked opportunities, under-performing activities, lucrative new revenue streams, profit centers and cash cow bonanzas that have heretofore escaped you and your staff’s awareness.

Using our proprietary Profit Optimization Tool, we  examine your business and attempt to identify something very, very potentially lucrative that most business owners don’t see yet. The actual dollar amounts will vary based on your unique situation.

I have been trained by the man who is acknowledged as being the preeminent expert in the field and has been recognized by over 300 experts and 40 major business publications.

He taught me his proprietary methods and his approaches and I’ve been able to use one of them to create an opportunity I don’t think your business has ever recognized you’re sitting on.

Again, if my premise is correct, it should be sustainable for months or years to come.

I would like to more fully discuss and explain my idea to you and I’m willing to do it without even binding you to a confidentiality agreement.

It’s probably that lucrative. It’s that overlooked. And it’s that immediate…

It requires virtually no effort, no expense, no risk on your part. My staff and I would be doing 99% of the work. You would have total control–including controlling the money generated from my efforts. You and I would share in the profits–with you getting the lion’s share of the revenue generated.

It could be very, very lucrative. If what I have said intrigues you and you would like to talk further in detail, call me at 1 (435) 503-4444. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your Truly,
Grant L Segall